Office Tea Break

Loose-leaf tea to grab and go!

Bean Around Town introduces a whole new loose-leaf tea experience for your office or business.

  • Quality & Freshness you can see.
  • Personalize and create your own blend of teas.
  • No mess no fuss, loose-leaf tea prepared in seconds.
  • Choose up to three different teas in your personalized blend.
  • Seven different loose-teas to pick from.
  • Or pick from a selection of blends popular with other tea drinkers.
  • Adjust your own water temperature or allow our system to pick the perfect temp.
  • Adjust your own tea strength or follow our systems recommendation.

We have partnered with teaBOT to bring their unique loose-leaf tea system to Ottawa

  • Perfect for offices with 75 plus staff.
  • An outstanding customer appreciation offering for businesses that want to make customers visits memorable.
  • We install the TeaBot kiosk and look after cleaning and stocking it.
  • Different varieties of loose-leaf tea can be added anytime.

Did You Know?

Tea first arrived in Canada in 1716. It was imported by the HBC and it took over a year to arrive.

Did You Know?

Black teas are made from leaves that are fermented and then heated to remove moisture. The heat turns the leaves black.

Did You Know?

Tea strainers or infuser baskets allow tea leaves room to expand, producing a better-quality tea.

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