Covid-19 – How Bean Around Town is helping clients

At Bean Around Town, we are committed to helping our staff, our customers and the communities we serve navigate through Covid-19. Our team is ready to help our clients with safety protocols for their business and office.

We will take precautions like wearing gloves and masks when entering an office. Plus any special requirements that an individual office needs to be in place to make sure their place of work is safe.

Benefits of using our particular coffee delivery system:

  • Very little interaction of staff in preparing or delivering a hot beverage
  • All ingredients are in sealed canisters inside the machine
  • ingredients have no exposure to individual using the coffee machine
  • Beverage options on the front screen is a simple one button selection and only requires one touch to activate the machine
  • The outside can be easily wiped down as there is minimal area that needs any contact with individual.
  • Front area is an acrylic plastic finish and the sides are painted metal
  • We look after stocking and cleaning the internal components of the coffee machine

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