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Bean around the world…and back.

Bean Around Town is owned and operated by Ed Hemphill, an Ottawa entrepreneur with a newly discovered passion for beautiful coffee.

Bean Around TownA financial planner and wealth advisor by background, in 2011 Ed moved to Paris with his family for two years, taking a sabbatical from his investment practice. When he arrived, he was not a coffee drinker—but Paris changed all that. Returning to Ottawa in 2013, Ed decided to say goodbye to the investment world, and turned his energies to bringing a European coffee experience to Ottawa businesses and workplaces, founding Bean Around Town.

Bean Around Town offers state-of-the-art barista office coffee machines manufactured by Bianchi, one of Italy’s premier espresso system manufacturers. Despite his enthusiasm for espresso- based drinks, Ed has not forgotten about his clients desire for a great cup of tea. That is why he is so excited to be introducing the teaBOT loose-tea service to Ottawa. Check out the amazing grab and go tea by teaBOT.

Bean Around Town’s machines cater to all hot-beverage cravings—offering hot chocolate, French vanilla, mochaccino and chai tea—so there is always something for everyone.

“When you experience a cappuccino the way our Italian friends made them for us in Paris, it’s impossible not to become a coffee lover. Bean Around Town is an extension of that great Italian coffee experience for the Ottawa area.”
Ed Hemphill

Top Bean Man

Did You Know?

Most Italians drink their caffè at a bar (not the alcoholic kind), standing up, usually before 9 am. Prices increase if you sit down at a table.

Did You Know?

Italians don’t serve their coffee hot. If you can’t drink your espresso or cappuccino lukewarm, you need to specify un caffè caldissimo or molto caldo or even bollente (boiling).

Did You Know?

In Italy, when you order un caffè at a bar or a restaurant, it automatically means an espresso.

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